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Good Morning Long Text Messages :

I don’t care if it rains or the sun rises today or not. Surely next to you today will be a beautiful day since you are part of it. I look forward to sharing this beautiful sunrise with you. Surely next to you will be one of those days that are very short. Good Morning!

I hope that when you are old you try to remember beautiful phrases that will make your life happy, that you remember those messages that I give you because in them I express what I feel for you. I love you above all my heaven. Good Morning Sweetheart!

Now that you call me husband I remember when you were just my girlfriend. Now I am more in love with you than back then, but still, those memories fill me with happiness. May those beautiful memories never forget me! Good Morning!

I wish I was the sun that comes through your window and illuminates your precious eyes. I would like to always wake up by your side and feel your soft caresses forever. Have a beautiful day, my life.

Heart, I just want to thank you for the fantastic story in which you immerse me every day, every morning I see you I feel that my heart is racing because I would die for you. Good Morning!

Days go by and I am happier. You know why? Because you’re the first thing I think about waking up. You are my source of energy, you love me with your sweetness, your love, and your kindness. My heart beats intensely thanks to you. Good Morning Honey!

Happiness, problems, success, disappointments or difficulties … I don’t know what life reserves for this day, I just know that if I have you in my arms, everything will be fine. Good Morning Baby!

The first of the messages I send today I give to my love, to the love of my life, because I always keep it in mind, in his presence, and in his absence. I wish my prince a happy day. I love and love you until I die

Good morning my beloved, I love living 24 hours a day next to you. For 16 hours I think of you, and for the remaining 8 hours I dream of you. If I have to want something else, you sleep with me.

The sun is waiting for you to wish you a good day, receive everything in a good mood and you’ll see that things will go well in the day. I wait for you at night with a thousand kisses and my arms open.

The sunlight that shines on us is an indication that the day has already begun and we must start with our routine. I know we both would like to continue resting, spend the whole day together until the sun goes down but at the moment you can’t, but I assure you that the weekend will be for us.

When I wake up, the first thing I see is your pretty smile and that makes me confirm that I couldn’t have made a better decision. You are the right man for me, we have had a thousand adventures and we still have many more. Let’s look forward to the weekend to enjoy it.

Sharing my life with you is the best gift I can have, you are the best person I have been able to meet and every day I am happy with my choice. I know it is difficult to get out of bed but with all the kisses I will give you and the delicious breakfast that I have prepared you will motivate you to start the day well. Good morning, husband.

Although a nice day awaits us, our desire to work is minimal, but we have to do it because an arduous day awaits us. The office may be very heavy but, do not doubt that when you get home the children and I will make you forget all the worries and fill you with love. Good morning love.

Having to share your life with another person and the decisions that are made daily is a pleasant challenge but everything looks better when you wake up you see that person you love and who receives you with a smile and wishes you a good day.

I love you for making me happy at every moment of my life because I know that when I return home I will find you and enjoy what is left of the day. Have a good day, love.

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