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Find your choices best good morning funny quotes and share your friend, family, girlfriend and any more, let go to check out below my sharing best funny quotes list and share your love one. I hope to see this morning time filling very funny and lot of smiling.

Good Morning Funny Quotes

We are friends for all hours, even to endure each other’s bad moods. Good Morning.

The story of my life is waking up weeping for lying so late and never learning. Good Morning!

If you ever hear me say I love getting up early and going to work, let me in, because I’m sick!

I believe more in Santa’s existence than in people who like to get up early.

I know I would be much happier if the day started around 2 pm. Good Morning!

Every night I fall asleep hoping to wake up to the news: the mornings were forever canceled.

I swear I even woke up in a good mood, but then I remembered that I had to go to work. Good Morning!

I am a person who likes simple things, like being able to sleep a little more in the morning. Good Morning!

Every morning I wake up in a good mood, but then I remember I have to get out of bed.

I am hoping that the scientific community will recognize morning allergy as a disease. Good Morning!

Good Morning! If I’m late it’s the fault of the bed, because every morning it keeps me from getting up.

Every day is the same: I get out of bed in the morning but only wake up in the afternoon. Good Morning!

Do not expect a good day from me, is that in the morning there is nothing good going on!

Good morning to all of you who wake up like moles making the sheet the hole of the earth where they hide from the morning light.

There are those people who spread joy early in the morning, and then there is me who even to say “good morning” already has to be with sacrifice!

For the usual friends, those of all occasions, the annoying ones and those who don’t ask for justifications. To all of you, good morning!

I have such a desire to stay in bed than in some past life I must have been a mattress.

If friends are for the occasions, let them help me fight this laziness. Good Morning!

Today I woke up ready for everything, and the first thing I’m going to do is sleep again.

The biggest lie I tell myself: just five more minutes.

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